Thermo Bottles

🥵 12 hours hot as hell or 24 hours cold as f*** 🥶

Ever had that awkward moment? You're out and about, trying to take a sip from your water bottle, and end up wearing half of it? Talk about making a splash, and not in a good way. 🌊 Or, those bottles with openings so tiny it feels like you're sipping through a straw made for ants. 🐜 Thirsty yet?

Introducing dropspot® Flip'n Sip bottles.

We've taken the guesswork out of hydration. Get the perfect pour every time with our quick-drink opening or, for those 'take it slow' moments, flip out our integrated straw. Whether you're in a rush or taking a leisurely stroll, you decide how you hydrate.

All it takes? A simple 360° twist to pop the cap. Then, cold or hot, savor every sip your way.

Flip'n Sip with dropspot®. Drink without the drama. 😉🥤