3in1 - Black Lime

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Size: 500ml
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Do you know that? The openings of water bottles are often too large and you end up spilling half of it on your shirt while on the go. Great drooling look but still thirsty.🤤

Or they are too small and you almost die of thirst when the bottle is full.🥵

dropspot® has the optimal solution. Our Flip'n Sip bottles combine the best of both worlds. An ergonomically shaped quick-drinking opening +plus+ integrated drinking straw.

The cap can be opened with a super fast 360° rotation. You can easily open the drinking straw “flip” and enjoy your cold or hot drink sip by sip.

So Flip'n Sip. The choice is yours.😍

Double wall vacuum stainless steel bottle
🥵 12 hours hot as hell or 24 hours cold as f*** 🥶

Get dirty. Feel free to get them dirty
💦 100% dishwasher safe

The only thing that drips is your sweat
💧 Super tight. Completely leak-proof

Let her feel your love
🛡️ Scratch-resistant thanks to powder coating

🧲 Magnetic holder

Always one hand free. You can securely attach the cap to the magnet holder.

👄 360° Easy open

The cap can be opened with a simple 360° rotation. The mouthpiece is ergonomically shaped with an internal thread. For a super pleasant drinking experience.

👜 Carrying handle

Comfortable on the go or as a secure connection to your backpack etc.

🥤 Flip 'n Sip

Stay supplied sip by sip. With the integrated FlipUp drinking straw.

🤫 Rubber ring

Silent and safe storage of the bottle. Stay hydrated inconspicuously in your next office meeting.


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