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Black Lime. Fill and ReFill. Anodized aluminum and recycled PP make the Black Lime FreshCase® a stylish companion in everyday life. Whether you're at work or play, skiing the mountains, or sunbathing at the beach resort.

Stay refreshed, always and everywhere.

Made of anodized aluminum and recycled PP.

♻️ ReFill. Not Landfill.

Strong and durable for everyday life.

🦾 Strong and durable

Fits even the smallest pocket.

👜 Super compact

A real eye-catcher.

🫦 Very stylish

How does it work?

Simply dissolve a dropspot® in 400 - 800ml of water... and boom, done!


Pop up your dropspot®


Drop a dropspot® in 400-800ml of water.


Enjoy your fruity pocketdrink.


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