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Pocketenergy - Lime & Lemon + Vitamins, Caffeine, and Taurine

Fruity energy, naturally. Fitness energy Pocketdrinks are perfect as a pre-gym drink or a quick energy boost. Feeling tired at the office after lunch? Long car rides? Need to pull an overtime shift again? Dropspot® has you covered.

Stay energized, always and everywhere.

The extra burst of fruitiness.
🌿 Packed with natural fruit extracts

Diabetic friendly? You bet.
🤫 Zero sugar added

Superpower for your cells.
9 Vitamins

For extra energy and focus.
🚀 100mg Caffeine

Fits into any diet.
🌱 Totally Vegan

Double checked and gluten free.
🌾 Gluten? Not in here

How does it work?

Simply dissolve a dropspot® in 400 - 800ml of water... and voilà, fruity sensation!


Pop up your dropspot®


Drop a dropspot® in 400-800ml of water.


Enjoy your fruity pocket drink.


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